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Bridging together the paths of maternal care, autonomy & unconditional support.


My birth journey began when I was seventeen. A teen mom, who quickly realized there is a discrepancy in genuine perinatal care and maternal autonomy. The way we want to birth, knowledge of the physiological aspect, how we are treated and the support given before, during and after pregnancy is critical in so many aspects. Throughout the years as I shared my story with those around me, I realized some things: I was not an isolated incident, our voices matter and we will be heard.

I am here to bridge this discrepancy. You are not alone. I will meet you in the middle, wherever that may be. I will hold space for unconditional love and healing. I will provide relevant, evidence-based, unbiased information. I offer emotional, physical and virtual support tailored to you. You have a voice, let me help uplift it. The vibrations will break barriers. You birth, your way.

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